Dave Gill is a retired mechanical engineer turned luthier.  He first started building
dulcimers, and a couple mandolins, before beginning to build custom ukuleles full time for
a nationally known instrument company.  After a couple years, he went out on his own to
build soprano and concert sized ukuleles.  Currently, he predominately builds more
concerts than anything else.

Dave recently participated in the Traditional Arts program through Indiana University.  A
video, transcript and other information about his participation can be found at the IU
Traditional Arts'  
"Indiana Instrument Builders" program.
Using his experience from tool making, Dave constructed all his molds and tools to build his
instruments.  He bends each side, as well as the kerfing, by hand using a cold molding system.  The
body of the instrument is completely assembled in the mold and is only removed once  it is completely
closed up.  Dave also designed his own fret slotting saw along with the tooling to make the diamond
shaped fret board markers and to cut the shell inlay.  He is also one of few ukulele builders that hand
cut a compound dovetail for the neck joint.  The quality of the instrument can clearly be seen based
on the level of attention to detail and craftsmanship that Dave puts into every instrument.
David Gill

All Instruments pictured are for sale.  
contact Davefor information.
Curly rosewood top and back, walnut
sides and mahogany neck.